7 Ways to Help Your Child’s Potty Training Success

If you’ve noticed your toddler going longer between diaper changes or they are able to stay dry throughout their nap time, it might be time to start potty training. Potty training is a big step for your little one, but it can be a little challenging at times, too. Help your child be more successful at potty training by following these top 7 tips. Click To Tweet

Ready for Potty Training?

If you think your little one is ready for potty training, you might be right. Different strategies work for different children, but here are seven ways to help make your child’s potty training a success:

  1. The Right Age
  2. Get Talking
  3. Get Them Involved
  4. Make It Easy
  5. Schedule Potty Times
  6. Be Patient
  7. Accidents Happen

1) The Right Age

There is no set age to when a child is ready to move from diapers to the potty. Each child is different. Kids are generally not ready to train before the age of two, and many kids wait until they are closer to three and a half. It is important to be patient and not push your child before they are ready. Make sure to wait for these signs before attempting to potty train your little one:

  • Bowel movements are more regular
  • Your child has become vocal about going to the bathroom
  • Your child notices and does not like being in dirty diapers
  • They are staying dry more than two hours straight
  • They are interested in trying to use the toilet

2) Get Talking

It might seem strange to have a heart to heart with a toddler, but when it comes to potty training, it needs to be done. Be sure to tell your little one how normal it is to go potty. Explain the process and how they are moving to big-boy or big-girl underwear. There are also a number of books available to read together about using the potty that could prove helpful.

3) Get Them Involved

Getting your child involved in potty training is a wonderful way to make them excited about using the potty! Let them help choose a kiddie toilet, training pants, or regular underwear. By letting them get involved, they are more encouraged and eager to use the potty products they helped pick out.

4) Make it Easy

When it comes to potty training, make sure you are dressing your kiddo in clothes that are easy to get out of. If they are struggling to get their pants off, they might end up having an accident and getting discouraged.

5) Schedule Potty Times

When you first start potty training, have your little one sit on the toilet every two hours for a few minutes, as well as right after waking up from sleeping the night or awakening from a nap. If they are unable to go, it is ok. Praise them for trying and let them know they can try again soon.

6) Be Patient

Above all, it is important to stay patient. Most kids aren’t fully trained in a day or two. Sometimes it can take weeks before your little one is fully trained. Make sure you don’t scold, punish or shame your kiddo if they take a little longer to train than expected.

7) Accidents Happen

Another important thing to realize when it comes to potty training your child is that accidents will happen. If your little one has an accident, encourage them by saying “You forgot this time. Next time you’ll make it to the bathroom sooner.” or something similar that will not discourage them from trying again.

ProTip: When potty training your child, make sure to always have an extra change of clothes around–just in case they have an accident.

Time to Ditch the Diapers

After a few weeks of successful potty use, it’s time to ditch the diapers for good! This is the perfect time to switch to training pants or regular underwear. Make sure you celebrate this transition! If you think your child might be ready to give potty training a try, be sure to follow the above tips to help make their potty training a success.

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