Moving Schools Mid Year: How to Help Your Child Adjust

Moving and starting a new school can be a little scary for kids, especially when moving schools mid-year. It can be intimidating to walk into a classroom where everyone already knows each other and has made friends. With your love, support, and encouragement, however, your little one can make the move successfully and feel at home and welcomed in their new school.

Tips for Moving in the Middle of the School Year

Mid-year moves don’t have to be scary or depressing. With the right conversations and planning, moving to a new school mid-year can be an exciting time to meet new friends and have new experiences. Here are some helpful tips to get your kiddo ready for their mid-year move. Click To Tweet

Talk About First Impressions

One of the first things you need to do is talk to your child about first impressions. Teaching them the importance of smiling, making eye contact, and keeping their arms uncrossed and relaxed can help them more approachable and make new friends easily. If they are all closed up and not smiling or looking at anyone, kids might be scared to approach.

Give Them Time to Adjust

Do not wait until the last minute to discuss the new move with your child. When you find out, you need to tell them, too. This allows them adequate time to say goodbye to old friends and prepare emotionally to upcoming changes.

Visit the School

One way to help ease your child’s nerves is to let them tour their new school prior to starting. This will help them know where they need to go and what to expect when they arrive the first day. Be sure to show them their classroom, the bathroom, the playground, as well as other areas or rooms they might be using.

Meet the Teacher

Meeting with the teacher can help your child feel less nervous and at ease. This is also a good time to discuss any special concerns or needs you or your child have.

Accompany Your Child

On the first day of their new school, it is best if you accompany your child (if they want you to). Being there on their first (or the first few) days can help them feel more comfortable about entering the classroom and gives them support, helping them feel less scared.

Meet Other Kids in the Area

Try to meet some kids in the area before starting school. Some schools offer a ‘buddy system’ for new students that will pair your child up with a friendly kid who can help them find their way and be their friend. You might also consider joining a local church or sports activity so they can meet other kids that are their age.

Get Involved

Your little one will feel less nervous about moving schools mid-year if you are involved in the school. Join the PTA, volunteer as a room mom, or find other ways to get involved. This also allows you to meet other parents to set up playdates and get your child involved, as well.

Helping Your Child Adjust to Switching Schools

ProTip: When it comes to moving schools mid year, one of the most important things you need to do it stay positive.

Don’t let your child see you upset or acting frustrated about the move because they will pick up on these feelings and share them, as well. If you feel excited, your kids will, too.

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