How to Make the Transition Into Kindergarten as Seamless as Possible

It can be an exciting and stressful time for you and your child when they make the transition into kindergarten. For many, it’s their first experience in a structured school setting. If your child has issues with things like sitting still, following directions and holding a pencil, it can be extra stressful. The best thing to do is help them prepare for the big change. Is your little one about to transition to kindergarten and feeling anxious? Here are some great tips to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Click To Tweet

There are numerous ways to help your little one be more at ease when it comes to transitioning to kindergarten. By visiting the school, working on skills and talking to your child about their worries, you can help make their change seamless and exciting.

Visit the School

Attending kindergarten orientation is one of the best ways to put your child’s mind at ease before they start kindergarten. Being able to meet the teacher and see where their class is is a great way to help your little one’s transition into kindergarten seamless, and they might possibly meet some new friends, too.

Work on Skills

Another way to help your child feel more comfortable about the transition is to work on their skills during the summer so they are familiar with things they will be doing once classes begin. ProTip: Over the summer, practice activities she’ll be doing in class. That includes coloring, forming letters and cutting out shapes, but also following directions.

Talk About Worries

Talk your child about any questions or fears she has about starting school. Explore ways to help your child manage stress. As a parent, you may also have concerns, but try not to let your own feelings about her starting school show. Focus on listening and encouraging her.

ProTip: After the first day, ask your child about how it went. If she says she doesn’t like school, reassure her that it will become more familiar soon.

Be Prepared for the First Day at Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big change for kids (and parents). Make sure to do whatever you can to help them prepare and be ready and help their transition happen seamlessly.

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