Happy New Year from Woodlands Tree House Preschool!

2018 has slid by in the blink of an eye! This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, analyze the year behind us and look ahead with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth. As we look back on 2018, let's review a few of our tips to help your child transition to preschool. Click To Tweet

Choosing the Best Care for Your Child

When both parents work away from home, childcare can be a challenge. For many, it’s not always feasible for a parent to be home before and after school during normal business hours. Friends and family may help out but are not always an option. Finding a quality before and after school program becomes a high priority. Woodlands Tree House Preschool offers the perfect solution with our high-quality preschool and childcare.

Moving Schools Mid-Year: How to Help Your Child Adjust

Helping You and Your Kids Transition

Preschoolers are in transition between being babies and completely reliant on you, to little kids who are capable of doing many things on their own. They don’t have the confidence or skills yet to do many simple things–but they’re catching on! Going to school is a huge transition for them. It can be stressful for their little minds and bodies. At Woodlands Tree House Preschool, we make that transition easy!

Top Separation Anxiety Tips for Parents

Assisting Your Child with Separation

When you have a baby, it may be hard to imagine being away from them, but as they approach the 6-month mark, it becomes more likely you will have to leave them. Whether you are returning to work or just need some time to run errands alone, your child will now be spending time with a caregiver, or in a preschool program. At around 8 months, your baby starts to understand that you are leaving but not necessarily that you are coming back!

Looking Forward to the New Year

It has been our honor and pleasure to serve your family’s educational needs in 2018. We thank you for your trust and partnership in promoting your child’s growth and development. We are excited for all 2019 will bring for your child and for  Woodlands Tree House Preschool. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year!