Piper and I attended the family picnic this Saturday. I was originally a littler nervous since Piper hasn’t started yet, but I can’t tell you how welcome your staff made us feel. Ms. Suzie and Ms. Maria greeted Piper by name the second we walked in. Honestly, this surprised me because they have never met her. They also introduced me to her before and after care teachers. I was highly impressed with the event and the time that your teachers clearly spend to get to know all of their students (even the ones who haven’t shown up yet). Needless to say, we are anxious to start on October 19th. Looking forward to a fantastic school year!

My son started at Treehouse when he was 3 years old. I fell in love with the program and environment so the following year my 2 year old daughter and I joined him! He has moved on to elementary school since then and I believe he was very well prepared as a result of the great instruction and loving staff. I am happy to be a part of the staff here and I enjoy getting to have every student in my music class.

As a mom, there is no greater peace of mind than seeing your child coming to school happy, and knowing that he is not only learning but getting important foundations like being loved and feeling unique. My son was part of the Treehouse Preschool for 3 years and it was the best experience for all my family. He is now a confident smart little boy who enjoys coming to school.

Renata Jimenez

The experience that we had at Woodlands Treehouse Preschool was fantastic! The entire staff is very committed to getting children ready to succeed not only in school but also in every day life. The staff is compassionate and experienced and they literally form a personal bond with each of the children that walks through the door! Our son started in the three year old program and he was extremely timid and shy. Over his first year in the school he was able to blossom and gain a new confidence thanks to the teachers and staff that he encountered. He went on to the four year old program and the teachers had him more than prepared to start Kindergarten. He grew to be a strong leader, thinker and learner and I hope that those are traits that he will not only carry throughout his entire academic career but that he will use in everyday life! We are so thankful that we found Woodlands Treehouse and that all of the staff there inspired our son to be the young boy that he is today!

Erin Gelhar

Woodlands Treehouse Preschool is an amazing place. My daughter was there since she was 2 yrs. old. She has now started Kindergarten and is more than prepared to be successful. She loved the Music and Gardening classes as well. Teachers and staff are very caring and teach kids to be life long learners!

Mrs. Ruiz

We can’t thank you enough for all that you do! You have built a wonderful community & environment for all of the kids. Jack has never been happier. Than you so much for loving him & all of the kids. We are grateful for you.

The Pixler’s

Thank you so much for all you do! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Treehouse. The way you all teach, care for and love our babies is far beyond anything I could have hoped for in a preschool.

The Gonzales Family

Thanks for making our school such a special place! We love coming here everyday and our mom says you make it a great place to work, love

Maddox & Mila

My son is 4 years old and has been at the Treehouse School for the past two years. I have been amazed by my sons development during this time frame which I give credit to the amazing and compassionate teachers they hire. This is a top notch pre school that is second to none.

Daniel Fell

This review is a long time overdue. I guess I didn’t want to write it sooner to ‘let the cat out of the bag’ so to speak. We have been going here for nearly 2 years and love every aspect of this school and what they have taught our son. These are incredible teachers – they teach each child like they’re their own kids, are compassionate and very experienced. I love the diversity that this school offers and am a big proponent of teaching children at a young age a second language. I think what I personally get excited about is how they teach the children. They are very hands on and the arts & crafts projects that the kids bring home (which is a lot) our just so neat and unique. My son is the happiest that I’ve seen him attending this school. They also have a Gardening class 1/week which is really cool. Treehouse Preschool comes with the highest recommendation I could ever give something. It really will be a very sad day, when it comes time to move to Elementary School. I feel so very thankful that we found Treehouse!

Kristy W