Tuition Fees

Registration, Tuition and Refund Policies
2023 – 2024

Tuition is calculated on an annual amount that is divided into ten equal payments. The initial payment is due at time of registration, and subsequent payments are due the first of each month, August through April. Any portion of tuition paid five or more days after the due date may be subject to a late fee of $5.00 per day. No allowances, credits or refunds shall be made for absences – including vacations, illness or other holidays; nor is credit given if the school must be closed due to weather events, national emergencies, or any other events beyond the school’s control.


A processing fee of $25 will be charged for any returned check/declined credit card. Checks will not be rerun and parents are expected to pick up the check and replace it with a money order within three days of being notified. After two returned checks, you will be asked to pay tuition with a
money order or cash.


During the school year, if a parent desires to withdraw a child from our program, the parents should inform the school in writing at least ONE MONTH before the date of withdrawal. The May tuition deposit will be refunded with 30 days PAID WRITTEN NOTICE of withdrawal if their account is in good standing, otherwise the May tuition will be used to satisfy the account balance and then the remainder of the May tuition will be returned.