Spooky Dishes Perfect for a Halloween Party

Halloween is fast approaching! Whether you are having a Halloween party at your house or want to take some treats to your little one’s classroom, make sure you have plenty of spooky treats to offer!

Halloween Themed Party Foods

To make your party extra fun, be sure to have plenty of Halloween themed treats available. Here are seven simple Halloween goodies sure to please even the pickiest preschoolers. Create memories this fall with these perfect Halloween party recipes! Click To Tweet

  1. Spooky Spider Eggs
  2. Bubbly Witches Brew
  3. Mummy Dogs
  4. Witches Fingers
  5. Rice Crispy Monsters
  6. Ghost Pretzels

1) Spooky Spider Eggs

Everyone loves deviled eggs–especially when they look like scary spiders! Boil up some eggs, and split them in half when cool. Mix the yolks with some mayonnaise, mustard, salt, and pepper, then restuff your egg half. Cut a black olive in half. Place one half on the egg and then thinly slice the other half into eight spider legs. Place four legs on each side of the spider’s body.

2) Bubbly Witches Brew

Green and bubbly witches brew are a must-have at your Halloween get together, and it’s super easy to make! Simply mix lime sherbet with ginger ale for a foamy and ghoulishly green Halloween punch. Feel free to add a little green food coloring to make it extra spooky!

3) Mummy Dogs

Kids and grown-up love mummy dogs! Buy a package of hot dogs and a package of refrigerated breadstick dough. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Wrap one breadstick around each hot dog, leaving enough space at the top for some eyes. Bake 12-15 minutes until golden brown. Place dots of mustard with some poppy seeds for eyes and enjoy!

4) Witches Fingers

These creepy witches fingers are sure to get kids in the Halloween spirit! Dip pretzel rods into green candy coating. Place on parchment paper while you finish working on them. Use a toothpick to make knuckle indentions and then attach half of a black jellybean to the top to make a fingernail.

5) Rice Crispy Monsters

Easy and delicious, everyone will want to munch on these cute little rice crispy monsters. Make a batch of rice crispy treats and cut them into squares. Dip one half of the treat into different colored melted white chocolate and attach edible eyes. Don’t stop at two eyes, though! Some monsters only have one eye and others have more than three! Get creative!

6) Ghost Pretzels

Everyone will want to gobble up these easy to make festive little ghosts! You only need pretzel twists, white melting chocolate, and some edible eyes. Dip your pretzel in white chocolate and place it on parchment or a cookie rack to dry. While the chocolate is still wet, stick edible eyes on your pretzel to create tasty little ghosts.

Perfect Party Foods for Your Halloween Bash

These Halloween treats are sure to please all your party guests, and are all simple enough that your little one can help make them, too! 

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