7 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Summer is here! After the kids have been playing outside for a while, they’ll be hungry. Why not try some creative summer snacks for the kids? They can help you with the recipes, and you can be confident they’re getting the healthy ingredients you prefer!

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Easy-to-Make Snack Recipes

Kids love to help in the kitchen, especially if they get to eat the result. Make sure they eat nutritious food with these easy and healthy recipes! Your kids will love the preparation and the snack. (Note: some of these recipes do contain common allergens. Make sure not to expose your child to any food that may not agree with them.)

  1. Frozen yogurt bark
  2. Fruit kabobs
  3. Two-ingredient strawberry ice cream
  4. Savory hummus
  5. Watermelon fruit pizza
  6. Pineapple ice pops
  7. Nut-free snack bars

1) Frozen Yogurt Bark

We all love Christmas peppermint bark, but why wait that long? Spread yogurt over a tray of chocolate chips and sprinkle with any toppings you like (though the strawberries and coconut this blogger chose look delicious!). Break up the frozen bar and enjoy it cold. You may have to wait for the snack to freeze, but it’ll be worth it!

2) Fruit Kabobs

Turn a boring plate of fruit into a colorful treat with a few cookie cutters, a shish kebob stick, and a little cream cheese dip! For a more savory version of this recipe, use the cookie cutters to make fun shapes in slices of meat, cheese, or bread for cute little sandwiches. Cookie cutters are your friend when it comes to making summer snacks. You can easily turn any food into an appealing treat!

3) Two-Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream

Not only does this recipe include only two ingredients–frozen strawberries and bananas–it’s also vegan-friendly and gluten-free! Just freeze the fruits, blend them in a food processor, and freeze the result until it reaches its desired consistency. Serve a scoop of your ice cream in a cone with colorful sprinkles for a particularly memorable treat.

Pro Tip: You can replicate this frozen fruit ice cream recipe with any combination of fruits you like! Just make sure to defrost them enough to avoid destroying your blender.

4) Savory Hummus

This traditionally Mediterranean dish is delicious as part of a meal or a snack! Mash up cooked chickpeas with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and other flavors for a strong flavor. Your kids will love this as a dip for veggies or a quick snack on its own.

5) Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Don’t worry, you don’t have to bake this! Use a cross-section of a watermelon as the “crust” and decorate it with yogurt, other fruit, mint leaves, chocolate syrup, or any other toppings your kids want. Once it’s done, slice and serve it fresh or freeze it for a cold treat!

6) Pineapple Ice Pops

These might just be the easiest popsicles you make this summer! Simply stick a lollipop or cake pop stick into a pre-sliced pineapple ring and freeze in a tray overnight. Once the pineapple is frozen solid, your kids can enjoy the pops plain or dip them in dark chocolate or yogurt for additional flavor.

7) Nut-Free Snack Bars

This recipe may take longer, but the end result is more than worth it. These bars are perfect for any kids with a nut allergy. Combine oats, flour, eggs, spices, chocolate chips (or dried fruit), and a few other key ingredients and bake for about half an hour. Enjoy these bars warm from the oven or cooled into crunchy oat snacks.

Healthy and Enjoyable Recipes

Let your kids help in the kitchen this summer with these easy-to-make nutritious snacks. You’re sure to create wonderful memories as well as enjoy some new tasty treats!

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