5 Healthy Recipes Your Child Will Love

Finding healthy foods that your children will love can be a difficult challenge sometimes. Many kids are picky and aren’t up for trying anything new. You don’t want to get in the habit of feeding your kiddo the same foods every day and week. Chicken nuggets and french fries might be your child’s favorite meal, but it won’t give them the nutritional support they need to grow and thrive. Click To Tweet

Healthy Recipe Ideas

There are plenty of healthy meals that your whole family will love. Here are five easy healthy recipe ideas that even the pickiest of kids will love.

1) Taco Night

One idea is to have a taco night once a week or once a month. Tacos shells can be filled with various veggies and meats and kids love foods they can eat with their hands!

2) Simple Stir-Fry

Stir fries are easy, quick, and bursting with nutrients. Veggies, lean meats, and rice cook fast and come together for a colorful and flavorful meal. You can buy some teriyaki sauce or find a recipe to make on your own to add some more flavor to this versatile meal.

3) Veggie Mac-n-Cheese

What kid doesn’t like mac-n-cheese? It is easy to make this a well-rounded and healthy meal! Just add in some fresh veggies like broccoli, squash, or red peppers to make your bland mac-n-cheese pop with healthy goodness!

4) Wrap It Up

Kids love rolled and wrapped up foods! They are easy and quick to make and your little ones will get a balanced meal with ground turkey, red onions, carrots, and garlic wrapped up in romaine lettuce. Or, turn a classic BLT into a wrap with a whole grain tortilla! When you are wrapping up foods, there are no limits–get creative!

5) Noodle Soups

Kids love slurping up noodles and noodle soups are a great, healthy meal that all kids love eating. Add in some chicken and various veggies to some noodles and broth, and whala! A quick and healthy meal for the whole family!

Themed Dinner Nights for Healthy Eating

One terrific idea to get kids excited about meal time is to plan themed dinner nights. Kids will be more apt to try new foods and experience new tastes when you discuss and plan out these fun food times together.

Get Kids Involved at Meal Time

Getting your child involved at mealtime will also help them to love new, healthy foods. Let them help clean the vegetables or planning the meals and menu. Getting kids to help out gets them excited about food and eating new healthy recipes together as a family.

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