A Visit From The Woodlands Fire Department

The Woodlands Fire Department recently visited our school for an afternoon of fun and education. The children enjoyed seeing the firetruck, handling some of the equipment the fireman use, and learning a little bit about fire safety.

An Afternoon With a Big Red Engine

As the big red fire truck pulled into The Woodlands Tree House parking area, there were many children in awe. It’s rare to get that up close and personal look into life as a fireman. Our visitors were friendly and gracious, talking to the older kids about stop, drop and roll, and going over basic fire safety with the younger children. This is what the afternoon entailed:  

  • Learned basic fire safety skills
  • Saw fire, rescue and emergency medical equipment
  • Talked to firefighters
  • Explored the firetruck

The Importance of Fire Safety

Educating the public is the most effective way to prevent fires and other injuries, and to introduce strategies to deal with emergencies. Visits like this one are fun for the children, but also teach them what to do, and when to call 911.

Thanks to The Woodlands Fire Department

We all enjoyed meeting the fireman from The Woodlands Fire Department and getting to a glimpse into their important job. We thank them for all they do in our community!

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