How to Teach Your Preschoolers About Plants This Summer

If there’s one thing preschoolers love, it’s crafts and activities. Give your little ones a chance to try their hand at growing some vegetables or flowers this summer! With plenty of warmth and sunlight, it’s the perfect time to teach your preschoolers about plants.

These activities for growing and cultivating plants provide hands-on, active learning for your preschoolers to enjoy. Structure each activity into a lesson plan or just a fun way to spend time working with plants. Regardless of your exact approach, your preschoolers are sure to love these entertaining approaches to gardening!

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Sprout Some Seeds

For a more traditional but simple approach to gardening with your kids, try sprouting some fast-growing seeds and observing their growth. These classic activities are always favorites among kids:

  • Bean sprouts in a jar: Not only do the beans grow quickly and thrive indoors, but growing them in a glass jar lets you watch every stage of growth!
  • Sponge sprouts: Cut a damp sponge into a fun shape and sprinkle with tiny seeds. As the sprouts appear, your kids can have their own custom Chia pets!
  • Miniature gardens: Encourage your kids to fill a small plastic tray with dirt, fertilizer, and a few seeds to make their own personal garden.

Pro Tip: For a fast-growing plant perfect for summer activities, try planting radishes. Radish seeds sprout after 3-5 days and give your kids a chance to observe rapid plant growth.

Sprout Vegetable Scraps

If you’ve ever composted, you know that your vegetable scraps will occasionally begin to sprout after you’ve thrown them out. Take advantage of this to show your kids another type of plant growth! Whether it’s scraps from your cooking or fresh veggies from the store, you can grow a new plant from an old vegetable.

  • Carrot top: Coax the leafy part of a carrot to grow back with a little water and sunshine.
  • Indian corn: You can use any ear of corn for this, but watching colorful Indian corn sprout is more interesting.
  • Potatoes: Sprouting a potato is a good chance to show your kids how seedless plants grow.
  • Romaine or celery scraps: Similar to regrowing a carrot top, these activities just require that the scraps be reasonably fresh.

Grow Some Flowers

Flowers are always a hit! Whether you grow from seeds or bulbs, you’re sure to find something your kids will enjoy caring for.

  • Sprouting a bulb: Sprout this bulb in a glass jar and watch the roots grow! This project is perfect to have on your windowsill to soak up the sun.
  • Cultivated flowers: Pick a few decorative flowers to plant in your yard and have the kids care for their mini-garden.
  • Eggshell flowers: Instead of little pots or dirt patches, sprout your flower seeds in eggshells! 

Grow a Grassy Patch

For a fast-growing, easy to care for plant, you can’t go wrong with simple grass. Try these unique approaches to planting a small grassy patch with your preschoolers.

  • Grass in a cup: This method lets you observe the grass’s roots and growth cycle through a clear plastic cup.
  • Eggheads: Speaking of Chia pets, have you ever tried sprouting grass seeds in an eggshell with a goofy smile drawn on it in magic marker? No? Time to change that.

Gardening with Your Preschoolers

Your preschoolers will likely love playing with plants, and you’ll come to enjoy it too. You’ll be learning about plants right alongside your kids! With these fun hands-on activities for cultivating a miniature garden, you’ll have no trouble teaching your preschoolers about plants and having fun in the process.

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