Importance of Goal Setting in Child Development  

As we usher in a new year, we’re given the perfect opportunity to set goals for the future!  Setting goals can be a fun way to teach your child responsibility, time management, and perseverance.  By starting small, being specific and tracking their progress you can help your child embrace the learning process.

Setting Goals With Your Child

Letting your child set goals for themselves is a great way to foster independence and accountability, but it’s important to provide them with a foundation upon which to build. Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Start Small.

When it comes to goals for a young child, start small and be specific. You want to find a goal with results that can be measured, such as learning the alphabet, writing their own name or reading a book by themselves.  

2. Celebrate Checkpoints.

If your child’s goal is to learn the alphabet, set up checkpoints to help keep their interest. For example, memorizing the first ten letters could be an initial checkpoint and should be celebrated when reached to encourage your child to continue. If the goal is to read an entire book, celebrate each page that they read independently.  The small achievements will fuel the bigger ones!

3. Make it Public.

Inform family members and teachers of your child’s goal so that they will be supported at home and at school. Think about setting up a chart or timeline to celebrate their progress and keep them focused on the goal, as well as the strides they’ve already taken.  

Start the Year Strong

As you continue to set goals with your child they will come to learn the importance of striving for something new, and the value of trying.  The tendency to stay in their comfort zones can be overcome by the pride of accomplishing something challenging. With your guidance and support, they will continue to thrive!

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