Bored Preschoolers? Try These 7 Summer Craft Ideas!

Ready for summer? So are the kids! As you prepare for sunny days and plenty of free time, you might be looking for activities you can do with your kids. Why not start with a few arts and crafts?

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Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is coming! Your kids are ready to spend time with you and have fun. Looking for ways to fill the time? These craft ideas can give you a place to start!

  1. Grassy heads
  2. Indoor gardens
  3. Seashell fridge magnets
  4. Pinwheels
  5. Juice carton bird feeder
  6. Crocs sailboat
  7. Bubble art butterflies

1) Grassy Heads

Here’s a good use for those old stockings: fill them with dirt and grass seeds! These grass heads may seem like an odd idea at first, but your kids will love watching the “hair” grow long enough for them to trim. Use googly eyes or yarn to give them a face too!

2) Indoor Gardens

What better way to get your kids involved in gardening than to give them their very own? This miniature garden provides a safe environment for kids to experiment with plant care. Add pinecones, rocks, or toys for decoration.

Pro Tip: Your mini garden will need drainage! Make sure it has holes to leak excess water and a drip pan to prevent messes.

3) Seashell Fridge Magnets

Why not use up all those seashells from countless summer beach trips? These adorable fridge magnets are a colorful way to preserve those souvenirs and provide a fun activity for the kids in the meantime! Cover your fridge in fun seashells.

4) Pinwheels

This one’s a bit tricky, but the end result is worth it. Design your own pinwheel out of plastic and have your kids color it to their hearts’ content. The result? A colorful, long-lasting pinwheel to display on windy days.

5) Juice Carton Bird Feeder

This craft is perfect for any preschooler who loves watching the birds outside. A cardboard bird feeder gives your kids the chance to paint and decorate it as much as they want, then stealthily watch the birds enjoy a snack. What a unique summer memory!

6) Crocs Sailboat

Need a way to get rid of that ratty pair of old Crocs? Turn them into a sailboat! It’s probably not the most efficient boat ever made, but it’s sure to make your kids laugh. Add some googly eyes for more craziness.

7) Bubble Art Butterflies

Bubble art may be messy, but it produces cute results for your kids’ summer activities. These butterflies are certainly no exception! Turn them into fridge magnets or put them on magic wands for an even more memorable toy.

Fun in the Sun

Summer won’t last forever! Take this opportunity to do fun crafts with your preschoolers and create valuable memories. These craft ideas will not only provide entertainment and fun, but will also last a long time as reminders of a great summer.

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