How a Bilingual Spanish-English Program Can Help Your Child

Many schools require or at least encourage foreign language classes for their students. Even outside of school, learning a second language opens up a whole new world of possibilities and relationships. The sooner you can begin to learn a second language, the better. As more people recognize this principle, more and more second language programs are becoming available for younger children, leading in particular to bilingual preschool programs.

A bilingual preschool program exposes your child to English and Spanish from a young age. They’ll hear songs, short lessons, and basic conversations in both languages from day one, eventually transitioning into splitting class time between an English-speaking and Spanish-speaking environment. This type of language immersion encourages your child to learn the second language simply to communicate. Let’s look at a few other ways a bilingual program could help your child learn a second language.

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Develop Stronger Language Skills in General

As anyone who has studied a second language will know, learning another language forces you to think carefully about the meaning of each word in your mother tongue and the second language. After all, a mistranslation could lead to confusion or tension. Consequently, studying a second language can also enhance one’s understanding of their own language. Not only will your preschooler be learning Spanish, but they’ll also gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the English language.

Appreciate Other Cultures

Perhaps the biggest barrier to a lack of cultural understanding is simply ignorance of other cultures and languages. After all, you can’t appreciate or honor something you don’t understand. However, immersion preschool programs that focus on balancing exposure to two different cultures and languages break down the barriers early. Even in preschool, your child will learn to appreciate their friends’ culture as well as their own, leading to greater understanding later in life.

Be More Confident in Their Communication Skills

When studying a second language, few things are more satisfying than successfully communicating with someone else in said language. As your child’s Spanish skills increase, their confidence will increase with it as more doors for friendship and communication open as a result. This added confidence will serve them well regardless of how often your child uses their second language.

Pro Tip: Encourage the child to keep using their new language in several functions at home. For instance, have them write a to-do list in both Spanish and English.

Language Immersion Preschool

A bilingual preschool program gives your child the chance to be partially immersed in another language and culture and encourages them to hone their communication skills. If your ultimate goal is to encourage your child to learn another language, why not start early? Find a bilingual preschool near you.

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