7 Ways to Encourage Exercise That’s Fun For The Whole Family

Everyone needs to exercise! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), adults need a minimum of two hours and 30 minutes of exercise a week, and children need one hour of regular exercise per day to stay healthy and fit. It is important to establish healthy habits in your children and encouraging exercise is a way for the whole family to spend more time together and keep each other motivated. Family exercise is a great way to make fitness fun and encourage healthy habits. Click To Tweet

Encourage Time for Family Exercise

Exercising as a family is the best way to help get your children active and have fun exercising! Here are seven simple ways to get your whole family fit and having fun together while doing it:

1) Hit the Trails

Going for a family walk is a perfect way to get those bodies moving and encourage fitness in your family. Head to a local park, or if you don’t have time to go far, take a stroll around your neighborhood after dinner each night.

2) Get Dancing

Turn up the tunes and boogie down with a dance party! It is easy to get those heart rates up when you are dancing together to some great music! Move the furniture aside and put on your favorite, upbeat songs and watch your kiddos start to dance. Everyone happy, smiling, and having fun while exercising in no time.

3) Commercial Fitness Breaks

If you are like most Americans, you spend much of your evenings in front of the television watching your favorite shows. Every commercial break, do some simple exercises like squats push-ups, sit-ups, or other exercises until the show returns. You can change the names of the exercises to something fun, or let someone be coach and give the exercise orders.

4) Charity Walks

Encourage exercise and also giving back to society by participating in some fun-runs, or charity walks. There are plenty of fundraiser walks or runs in most cities, so do a little research and sign up for a charity walk with your family. This is a great way to be a role model for your children and get them involved in the community.

5) Plant a Garden

According to the University of Virginia, gardening is a wonderful moderate exercise that anyone can do. Not only will your kids get a good workout, but they will learn about nutrition and vegetables, as well as taking care of something. Gardening also teaches environmental awareness by exploring the life cycles in nature.

6) Take a Swim

If you have access to a home or community pool, swimming is terrific exercise! There are numerous pool games to play and have fun while exercising, like Marco polo, playing tag, or sharks and minnows.

7) Family Bike Rides

A family bike ride is another terrific way to encourage family fitness time and health. You can ride around the neighborhood, or take them to the park for a nice ride in the evening. Make sure everyone has helmets to ensure everyone stays safe on your bike ride.

Family Exercise Programs

Older adults and children need to exercise and set aside time each day to work-out as a family will help everyone stay healthy, as well as developing a closer relationship with each other.

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