7 Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

It’s time to hop into spring and have your kids get creative this Easter with some crafts they’ll love. Your little ones will be enjoying the egg hunts, bunnies, and candy that Easter celebrations will bring. Have them try some easy indoor activities to get their imaginations running for hours of fun.

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Which Easter Crafts Will Your Preschooler Love?

There are a number of things your preschooler can make with construction paper, egg cartons, and even doilies. These easy crafts will keep them happy this season while they enjoy the Easter festivities.

  1. Pom-Pom Handprint Bunny
  2. Doily Sheep
  3. Popsicle Stick Carrots
  4. Easter Egg Paper Weaving
  5. DIY Easter Basket
  6. Pop Up Easter Cards
  7. Egg Carton Bunnies

1) High Five for this Pom-Pom Handprint Bunny

Let your preschooler get as creative as they’d like with this one. They’ll love sticking their hand in some paint to make the bunny face shape on paper. Cut out the face and add pom-poms, googly eyes, and some pipe cleaner whiskers.

2) Simple and Sweet Doily Sheeps

This one is so simple but so cute. You’ll need some doilies for the sheep’s body, black construction paper for the legs and face, and some googly eyes. Have your little ones use some safety scissors and non-toxic glue to put them together.

3) Decorate the House with Popsicle Stick Carrots

Your preschooler can make as many of these as they’d like. All you need is orange popsicle sticks and some green shredded paper.

Pro Tip: You can join in with your preschooler to help make a garland of their craft creations and decorate for the Easter holiday.

4) Design an Easter Egg by Paper Weaving

This Easter egg paper weaving from Easy Peasy and Fun can be done with any colored construction paper your preschooler wants to use. It’s sure to keep them happy throughout the entire project.

5) DIY Easter Basket to Prepare for Egg Hunts

Your preschooler can make their own Easter basket out of colored construction paper. There are plenty of templates online to choose from! Top them off with some colorful shredded paper and confetti.

6) Say Hello with a Pop-Up Easter Card

Watch your little one’s face light up when they see their finished pop-up card come to life. After decorating it with their favorite Easter animals, they can give them to a friend or family member as a sweet holiday greeting.

7) Get Creative with Egg Carton Bunnies

No need to throw away your egg cartons this season. Cut them up into individual pieces for your preschoolers to color and add felt bunny ears and googly eyes to, making little candy-holding egg carton bunnies!

Easy Crafts for Every Bunny

Let your preschooler’s imagination run wild with these easy and creative crafts this Easter. You’ll have some cute Easter decorations for your home and your little one will be proud of their artwork.

Looking for more cute crafts your preschooler can have fun doing this spring? Join the conversation to learn more!