7 Creative Fall Crafts For Kids

Summer is winding down. School is back in session and everyone is getting excited about the cooler temperatures. Why not start fall off right with some creative fall crafts for kids? Need a way to get your little ones away from the TV? These fall crafts are perfect for getting everyone into the autumn spirit. Click To Tweet

Fall Arts and Craft Ideas

Kids love to get creative and make things and everyone will have fun making these five creative fall crafts projects.

  1. Leaf Lanterns
  2. Festive Napkin Rings
  3. Milk Jug Suncatchers
  4. Fall Felt Bookmarks
  5. Autumn Nature Collages

1) Leaf Lanterns

It’s easy to make a beautiful fall leaf lantern! These pretty candle holders are the perfect way to add color and light to your space. Grab some mason jars, fall colored tissue paper, some modge podge, and a paintbrush. Let your little one spread a little modge podge onto one section of their jar and then stick pieces of fall colored tissue paper onto the glue. Finish all sides of the jar and let it dry. Additionally, you can cut out and glue a construction paper tree or pumpkin on top of the tissue paper, too. After it dries, add a tea light inside and watch it light up your room with gorgeous fall colors.

2) Festive Napkin Rings

If you plan to have family and friends over this fall, these festive, easy-to-make napkin rings will get everyone talking. All you need is:

  • Cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls, gift wrap rolls, etc.)
  • Fall colored felt, fabric, ribbon or twine to wrap around the tube
  • Craft glue
  • Embellishments like leaves, acorns, beads, dried flowers, etc.

It’s easy to assemble these napkin rings! Simply wrap your fabric or felt around the tube and glue it in place. Then, add the embellishments! Kids will love when people comment on how much they adore their fall artwork!

3) Milk Jug Suncatchers

Another great fall craft for kids is the milk jug suncatcher. This autumn craft is also a perfect way to teach your kiddo about recycling! Grab an empty milk jug, fall colored tissue paper, some scissors and that modge podge again. Cut-out fall shapes from your milk jug–like leaves, acorns, pumpkins, or whatever else your little one thinks of. Spread the modge podge on and then stick pieces of tissue paper on. Attach a string or use double sided tape to hang them in the window and let the sun beam through!

4) Fall Felt Bookmarks

These fall felt bookmarks make perfect gifts and also get kids excited about reading, too! Get some sturdy card stock and some glue. Let your kiddos head out on a nature walk and gather some fall leaves. Press these between a large book overnight to flatten them a bit. Cut out a rectangle from the cardstock and then glue your pressed leaves on. Cover the entire leaf bookmark in modge podge and let dry completely, or have it laminated to last extra long.

5) Autumn Nature Collage

One of the easiest fall crafts for kids is an autumn nature collage! Let your little ones venture out to collect some twigs, leaves, and other fall foliage from outside. Let them paint some fall colors onto construction paper and allow it to dry. Now, let them glue all their fall findings onto the paper. After it’s dried, hang their masterpiece on the wall to showcase their art.

Let Your Kids Get Crafty this Fall

Get ready for fall and create more memories with the above fall crafts for kids. These easy crafts can be done by anyone and don’t require any special tools. So, what are you waiting for? Go grabs those little ones and get crafty!

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