6 Creative Art Activities for Preschoolers

Most schools and parents worry about getting their preschoolers ready for the classroom and common core subjects like math and reading, but creative activities for kids are some of the best building blocks of child development. Getting your preschooler involved in arts and crafts develops fine motor skills, cognitive development, and decision making processes.

Art Activities For Preschoolers

Preschool-aged children learn so much through art like socializing, helping others, sharing, and following instructions. Art nurtures their curiosity and helps build confidence and character. Below are six enrichment activities and art ideas perfect for your preschooler.

Make Musical Instruments

Making musical instruments creates two activities at once! Using creativity to create the instrument and also afterward when playing! There are many easy instrument ideas for kids, like paper plate tambourines, coffee can drums, and Easter egg maracas. Most of the items needed to make these whimsical instruments are already laying around your house!

Paint Activities

Who doesn’t love getting messy with paint? A perfect outdoor activity and opportunity to learn all about color mixing, too. Let them blend primary colors and see what new colors they can make. Create craft projects and teach them painting techniques through finger painting, ice painting, a brush, or even shaving cream!

Bead Art

Threading beads on strings is an ideal way to develop fine motor skills. Kids love bright colors, so let them paint macaroni or pasta and thread them onto yarn for a necklace or bracelet for a fun art project. Beads and pipe cleaners can be purchased at most stores and can be easier to work with for younger children.

Wax Paper Art

Wax paper art is a great craft for kids and parents can proudly display their colorful masterpieces in the window! Have your kiddo cut out shapes in wax paper and let them color designs with crayons or markers. After they have completed their design, an adult can iron over the art and join the edges together to form a tight seam so they can be hung and admired like stained glass.

Copy-Cat Art

Copy-cat art is a fun way to get preschoolers involved in art. Print out an already existing piece of art (like Starry Night). Give your child a piece of paper and let them attempt to recreate it! Let them use markers, paint, colored pencils, watercolors, or washable paint for this fun kid art activity!

Homemade Playdough

Molding dough–even if not homemade–is a wonderful activity for preschoolers! Playing with and making your own dough is a perfect sensory activity. Add colors to your dough and practice color mixing. Give your child tools to create dough art, such as cookie cutters or rolling pins, and see the different sculptures your preschooler can create!

Process Art for Preschoolers

It is essential to keep in mind the important role of process art for your preschooler. Process art follows that the process of the art project is more important than the actual outcome. Process art is open-ended and each child will have their own artwork–different from their peers. The above art activities are all examples of process art, helping build fine and gross motor skills, creativity, self-expression, risk-taking, sensory exploration, and more. Finding a preschool that offers curriculum will play a big role in your child’s creative development.

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