4 Summer Reading Activities for Preschoolers

This summer, why not give your preschoolers’ teachers a hand? Practice a few educational activities for preschool-aged kids and help boost their letter and number recognition. Their teachers will thank you for the head start when reading lessons begin!

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Learning to Recognize Numbers and Letters

For preschoolers, the best literacy-focused activities emphasize recognizing letters and, to a lesser extent, numbers. While these games won’t teach your child to read, they will begin to pave the way and encourage curiosity about reading. Several age-appropriate activities for beginning to learn to read include:

  1. Playing with old Scrabble tiles
  2. Letters on rocks
  3. Connect-the-dots
  4. Alphabet whipped cream snack

1) Playing with Old Scrabble Tiles

Find unused Scrabble letters and encourage your kids to try assembling simple words. Even if they show little interest in making words and prefer to just play with the tiles, this activity can still help build letter recognition. As you get the tiles out or put them away, ask your child to identify the letter and make its sound if they know it. Get the details of this activity here.

2) Letters on Rocks

Collect at least 52 rocks (double the number of letters in the alphabet) about the size of your child’s palm, with smooth, flat edges. With paint or a permanent marker, write the same letter on both sides of one rock, with a lowercase on one side and the uppercase on the other. You’ll probably want two of each letter when you’re done. Once your kids have played with the rocks for a bit, encourage them to try creating words from memory or from references like flashcards. View the full list of ideas here.

Pro Tip: Wash the rocks thoroughly before using them in this project. Don’t run the risk of making your kids sick through this activity!

3) Connect-the-Dots

Set up a game of connect-the-dots, but with letters! Write a bunch of random letters down a sheet of paper and have your preschoolers connect the dots however they’d like, as long as they connect the same letters to each other. While they won’t be forming words, they’ll be learning to distinguish between different letters. Learn more here.

4) Alphabet Whipped Cream Snack

The original version of this activity uses shaving cream, but you can easily use canned whipped cream for an edible version. Draw a letter or two in cream on aluminum foil and let your preschoolers decorate their letters with sprinkles and colored sugar. Not only does this prove to be a tasty snack for the kids, but it also engages multiple senses through taste, the colors, and the crinkling of the aluminum foil. Get more details here.

Promoting an Interest in Reading

Reading doesn’t have to feel like a chore. With these educational activities for preschool kids, you’re sure to inspire a love of reading and a desire to learn more. Best of all, you’ll get to spend some fun, educational time with the kids before they return to school!

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