3 Types of Christmas Gifts for Child Development

Christmas is an exciting time for children with all the festivities, decorations, and gifts under the tree. They simply cannot wait (and sometimes they do not) until Christmas morning to open their gifts. What a great opportunity to include some gifts focused on their growth and development!

Finding Gifts for Child Development

Kids learn through play. The best part is most of the time they don’t even realize their learning. Young children are building all the basic skills they’ll need to be successful adults. Give them the best foundation for a successful life by giving them gifs that help them grow. Consider the following:

1) Improving motor skills

Your children are developing both fine and gross motor skills. Gifts that will help develop small movements, or fine motor skills, include playdough, crayons, peg boards, building blocks, and legos. Look for things that allow them to play using smaller motions. Gifts that develop larger movements, or gross motor skills, include balls, games like ring toss or toss and catch, jump rope, and even costumes to dress up in.

2) Reading and speech development

Language is the foundational skill to all other learning. Give your children the best chance in life with the gift of speech. Some gifts that encourage speech include bubbles, shows that incorporate movement and music, a karaoke machine, or a trip to a fun place you can talk about afterward. To help with reading, consider gifts like pattern books (for beginner readers), refrigerator letters, reading apps for tablets and smartphones, and simple board games.

3) Math skills

Look for games that incorporate counting such as Chutes and Ladders, Connect Four, or Uno. Give your children a piggy bank or bank account, depending on age, and start giving them a small allowance to practice money management. There are countless websites and apps with fun games that develop core math skills.

Let Them Play!

Kids love to play and play to learn. Take advantage of this by giving your kids fun games and toys designed to help them grow and develop. Get started with this guide to Christmas gifts for child development. Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family from Woodlands TreeHouse!

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