Preschool Math Games to Entertain and Teach

If you have a preschooler, you know that they are always exploring and learning with enthusiasm. This is the perfect age to start teaching them the basics of reading, math, and writing. With a strong foundation in math and literacy is fundamental to their future success in school. Surprisingly, most preschoolers are naturally interested in math, and it is best to teach through engaging games and projects to help them better learn and retain what you’ve taught.

Preschool Math Games

There is no need to feel stressed out about teaching your preschooler math! #Math is all around us and can be taught to #children in fun ways throughout the day. Click To TweetHere are five great ways to get your preschoolers learning math all day long while having fun at the same time.

1) Sort it Out

Sorting things like blocks, legos, colored macaroni, or toys can be an easy way to start your preschooler on the road to learning (and enjoying) math and numbers. By putting things in proper bins and counting how many go in each is a great way to not only teach them how to count, but it also helps keep their room tidy, too!

2) Books on Counting

There are plenty of books for preschoolers that focus on teaching math. These books are perfect for introducing math concepts to your child, and, it gets them interested and reading books, too! Some examples of popular math books for preschoolers are:

  • Bear Counts by Karma Wilson
  • A Feast for 10 by Cathryn Falwell
  • How Many Bugs in a Box by David A. Carter
  • Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris
  • The Button Box by Margarette S. Reid

3) Math and Crafts

Craft time is the perfect opportunity to teach math to your preschooler! When making an art project, like a pipe cleaner spider, ask them, how many legs? And, let them count how many there are. If making bead art, how many of each color beads are there? Creating crafts is a great way to practice counting and coming up with new counting games.

4) Get Measuring

Let your child measure everything! When you are cooking in the kitchen, let them help you measure the ingredients. Counting cups and spoons and sorting them out is a wonderful way to stimulate your preschooler and teach them math. Ask them questions like how much? How many? And, how full?

5) Preschool Math Apps

While learning hands-on is the best way to teach your preschooler math and entertain them, there are some helpful math apps made just for preschoolers on the market. Many of them are free, and help introduce basic counting and arithmetic. Some of the most popular ones available include:

  • Bedtime Math
  • Arty Math Numbers
  • Fuzzy Numbers
  • Bugs and Numbers
  • Elmo Loves 123

Math is Everywhere!

You don’t have to set aside special time to teach your preschooler math! Every activity, no matter how mundane, can be turned into a math game or lesson. Get your preschooler thinking about numbers and math with everything they do, and of course, make it fun and exciting! The more your child feels comfortable with math, the greater success they will have in school and throughout their life.

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