5 Fun Games to Boost Your Child’s Preschool Math Skills

Studies have found that the earlier you start your little one learning math, the better. Children ages three to five can easily (and most of the time willingly) develop a basic understanding of numbers and counting. When you teach preschoolers math, children are able to develop a sense of math in everything around them and are better able to communicate, too. Learning math doesn't have to wait for a classroom. Here are 5 fun math games to play with your child right now. Click To Tweet

Making Math Fun for Preschoolers

Teaching preschoolers math should not be about getting them to memorize things or drilling them with facts. Math is all around us and everything can be turned into a fun math game with a little creativity. To get you started, here are five fun ways to boost their math skills that your preschooler is sure to love:

  1. Sort it Out
  2. Counting Sticks
  3. Fill the Cup
  4. Nature Counting
  5. Building and Counting Blocks

1) Sort it Out

Sort it all out! Sort colors, shapes, sizes, or whatever else you can think of! Sorting is a great way to help teach math skills. Once they sort their items, they can count how many are in each group! For extra fun, sort jelly beans or other edible items and let them eat them up at the end.

2) Counting Sticks

Making counting sticks not only helps your preschooler learn math skills, but this easy activity gets your kiddo busy crafting, too. Grab some popsicle sticks, some glitter glue and a marker. With the marker, write a number on one end of the stick. Then, use the glitter glue to add the same number of dots to the other side of the stick.

3) Fill the Cup

This is a fun game that everyone will enjoy and helps them practice counting, too! To play, you need objects for counting (legos, blocks, or anything else that is small enough to fit in a cup), a cup, and a dice. Take turns rolling the dice and whatever number they roll, put that many objects into the cup. The first one to fill their cup wins!

4) Nature Counting

Nature counting is the perfect way to help your little one learn preschool math skills, and, it gets them outside, too! Head outside and start collecting thing in your yard or area. Then, make and cut out pictures of the items you found, like small rocks, acorns, leaves, flower petals, twigs, or whatever else you came across. To play, have your child roll the dice and pick a card. If they roll a two and the twig card, they will remove two twigs from the nature container. This allows your child to learn to count in two ways: counting the dots on the dice and also counting the nature items, too.

Pro Tip: Combine the outdoors with fun counting games to make your child more likely to enjoy learning math.

5) Building and Counting Blocks

All preschoolers like to stack and build with blocks so why not use it as a way to teach preschool math skills? Anytime your little one wants to play with blocks, turn it into a counting game. You can even separate the colors and count how many of each color you have.

Preschool Math Activities

Young children can easily grasp math concepts when you incorporate these math games into their everyday life. Get creative and help your little one see that math is everywhere. Identify shapes of street signs, count how many grapes they have for lunch, or find patterns on their favorite shirt. Getting your preschooler involved in math in their preschool years can help set them up for a bright future.

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