5 Conflict Resolution Skills That Will Help Your Child in School

One thing is for sure, you can’t get through life without dealing with some type of conflict. Because of this, it is important that we teach our children appropriate ways of handling conflict when it rears its head. For parents, it can be easy to step and solve the conflict for our kids, but that isn’t the best idea. If children run to mom (or a teacher) everytime they have a disagreement, they won’t be armed with the necessary skills to thrive socially. Kids need to start learning how to solve challenges and conflict on their own.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Not many people enjoy conflict, but it is a fact of life. Teaching your child conflict resolutions skills is the first step in helping them succeed. Here are five conflict resolution skills that will help your child in school.

  1. Managing Emotions
  2. Communicate the Issue
  3. Solve the Problem Together
  4. A Real Apology
  5. Teaching Kindness & Fairness

1) Manage Emotions

Learning to manage one’s emotions is vital to conflict resolution. How will anything get resolved if the kids are throwing tantrums and screaming at each other? Everyone involved needs to step back and take a few breaths to calm down. Nothing will come from being overly emotional, so be sure everyone is calm before trying to discuss the problem. Teach your kids techniques to help them relax themselves, like counting to ten or taking several deep breaths.

2) Communicate the Issue

An important skill in dealing with conflict is communicating the problem. Communication involves not only talking about one’s feelings, but listening is also very important in the communication and conflict resolution process. Teach your child to express how they feel rather than simply placing blame on others. Click To Tweet Having all the children involved share how they feel about the situation can help remedy the problem without anyone’s emotions getting further hurt.

3) Solve the Problem Together

Instead of stepping in as a parent to remedy the conflict, let the kids solve the problem together. Monitor them and let them brainstorm solutions that might make everyone happy. If you do feel a need to step in, give the children some options to choose from together. Getting kids to learn to make decisions together that everyone agrees on helps prevent further conflict in the future.

4) A Real Apology

If your child is a fault, they need to give a heartfelt and real apology. Teaching your kids that it is all right to make mistakes and encouraging a good apology will help improve their relationships with others. Being able to express a real apology communicates three things to the other person–responsibility, regret, and a remedy.

5) Teaching Kindness & Fairness

Above all, teaching your child kindness and fairness is one of the best conflict resolution skills that can help your child in school. Talk regularly about the benefits of being kind. Teaching them the importance of taking turns and helping each other can make conflict happen more rarely. Make sure to not only encourage kindness and fairness but also reward your child for kind acts or playing with fairness when you see it.

Working Together to Manage Conflict

Equipping your child with these conflict resolution skills can help give your child a higher emotional capacity so they can better empathize with others. Learning to manage conflict at school will help your kiddo have stronger and more fulfilling friendships, and have a better school and social experiences.

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