3 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Kids

Thanksgiving is a defining autumn holiday that brings families and loved ones together to express gratitude. For some families with small children, 2019 may be the first year the kids are old enough to participate in any meaningful sense. Looking for ideas to help them enjoy their first real Thanksgiving? You’re in the right place!

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A Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Parents of small children don’t need to worry about helping their kids participate in Thanksgiving this year. With a few new activities and traditions to appeal to the next generation, it’s easy to get kids excited about fall! Try these tricks this Thanksgiving:

  1. Games
  2. Simple decorations
  3. Help with cooking

1) Games

Nothing gets kids more excited and playful than creative games designed for their age level! This Thanksgiving, try introducing a new game or activity for the little ones to enjoy. Try one of these popular choices or make up your own for a truly unique Thanksgiving!

2) Simple Decorations

Do you or your kids love craft time? If so, you’ll both love making your own simple but elegant Thanksgiving decorations for the dinner table! The kids can help you choose dishes and design place cards for your family get-together.

Pro Tip: For an interesting twist on the “What are you thankful for?” question, try the increasingly popular Thanksgiving jar activity. You can leave this jar on the dinner table to open afterward.

3) Help with Cooking

A preschooler probably isn’t ready to help clean and bake a huge turkey. However, there’s plenty of snack foods or simple dishes that the kids will love trying to make themselves. Find a simple recipe for the little ones to try. You might be surprised by how well it turns out!

Thanksgiving with Kids

It’s a special year as your kids can now participate more in Thanksgiving. Enjoy the cooler temperatures as well as your little ones’ increased involvement in this family-centered holiday!

What activities or traditions will you be starting this year? Let us know on Facebook and watch for more Thanksgiving ideas!