Bilingual Program

English/Spanish Bilingual Program

As parents and educators, we are familiar with the importance of teaching children a second language beginning at an early age. Introducing a new language early in life yields a much more successful learning strategy.

As a response to the increase in demand for foreign language programs, we offer a unique English/Spanish bilingual program. Our customized teaching techniques will have your children learning Spanish right from the very beginning.

At Woodlands Tree House Preschool, students begin our bilingual program at 18 months and continue learning through the remainder of the preschool programs.

During the first years, Spanish is introduced throughout the day, as teachers communicate, sing songs, and interact with all the children in both languages. In the 3s and 4s, our program becomes fully bilingual with children spending 50% of their day in a Spanish classroom setting with Spanish native speakers and 50% of their day in an English classroom setting.

The Benefits of Learning Spanish

Research has shown that learning a second language has a wide variety of benefits. By learning Spanish at an early age children can:

  • Communicate with more people
  • Develop stronger language skills in English
  • Develop higher critical thinking skills
  • Improve their overall school performance
  • Score higher on standardized tests
  • Learn other languages more easily
  • Have a better understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and social interactions.

Our Curriculum

We follow a unique preschool curriculum that focuses on cognitive, language, social/emotional, physical, and aesthetic development, using a combination of the High Reach Learning® Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears and Frog Street.



We offer preschool programs for toddlers (starting at 18 months old) – 4 years of age and a private Kindergarten class. All programs are designed to enrich the lives of children in various areas of education, social skills, and development.


Enrichment Activites

We promote a hands on learning experience with activities that enhance our curriculum including music, movement, and Spanish programs. Use the button below to explore the various enrichment activities your children can enjoy at our school.


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