Help Your Child Get Ready for Preschool

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about helping your child get ready to start preschool. Especially if this is your child’s first year in preschool, the transition may seem daunting to both of you. Fortunately, there are several simple but profound ways you can begin to prepare your child for preschool.

Once you’re sure the time is right to start preschool, it’s time to help your child get ready for the transition. There are a variety of activities to encourage your child to anticipate the change rather than dread it. Let’s look at a few of the best ways you can help your child.

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Academic Preparations

While your child’s preschool education will be quite basic, it’s still a good idea to provide some academic backup of your own. A few educational activities at home will help your child transition into an environment that combines learning and playtime. Some ideas for your contribution could include:

  • Read books together (particularly books that deal with preschool) or visit the library
  • Play board games or assemble puzzles
  • Go on nature walks
  • Color with your child
  • Work on a craft that involves fine motor skills, such as putting beads on a necklace

Emotional Preparations

Young children may be a little taken aback with the drastic change that preschool brings. Fortunately, you can help ease the transition with some emotional preparation and encouraging your child to feel comfortable in their new environment. Here are a few helpful activities to try:

  • Visit the preschool and/or preschool teacher ahead of time
  • Encourage independence in tasks such as using the bathroom, cleaning up after themselves, making new friends, etc.
  • Acknowledge your child’s feelings and help them work through them
  • Provide a calm environment at home

First Day of Preschool

Make the first day of preschool simpler for both of you by getting everything ready ahead of time. Set out clean clothes, a snack, and any paperwork you need to bring to the school. Additionally, if the teachers permit it, don’t be in a rush to get out the door. Stay with your child a few minutes longer, show them around the room, and introduce them to the teachers. Make sure your child is comfortable before you leave.

Pro Tip: The first day of school is an intimidating time for parents and kids alike. Once your child has settled in, relax and know that they’re going to do just fine.

Preparing Your Child for Preschool

As you help your child prepare for preschool, it’s important to remember that this is a big change for you too. Help your child prepare for a new environment, and make sure you’re similarly ready to adjust to this rather significant change. The preschool will keep you informed of any potential issues to watch out for. In the meantime, support your child in this new stage of their life.

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