End of Summer Prep: The Essential Preschool Checklist

It’s the end of summer and your little one is about to head off to a new adventure: preschool! This is an exciting time in your child’s life, and getting them prepared and ready for their first day is an important part of their success. Your child needs not only to have all the supplies needed for fun and activities, but they also need to have certain social and academic skills, too. The best way to be properly prepared for this big milestone is to follow this preschool checklist to ensure they will be ready on the first day.

School’s Starting: Your Preschool Checklist

Preparing your child (and yourself) emotionally is a big part of a successful first day of preschool. Click To Tweet But being emotionally ready isn’t the only thing on the preschool checklist. Here are some other important ways to prepare your little one for their new adventure at preschool.

Visit and Meet the Teacher

Before starting school it is a great idea to go take a tour and meet your child’s teacher. This eliminates the fear of the unknown, lets your child see where all the fun happens, and by meeting the teacher, they can look forward to seeing them again on the first day, as well as know where to go and what to expect.

Up-to-Date Vaccinations

All 50 states require children to have certain vaccines prior to attending school or attending a daycare or private school. Make sure to learn which vaccines are required and make sure your child has them before the first day.

Preschool Skills

As mentioned above, your little one needs to have certain skills before they will be successful in preschool. Here are some of the top skills needed before your child is ready for preschool curriculum and activities:

  • Social Skills: They can play independently, express emotions and communicate, and enjoys group activities. They respond well to routine and are interested in going to big kid school.
  • Motor Skills: They have increased proficiency in gross motor skills, such as strength, balance, and navigating obstacles. Showing improvements in fine motor control, such as holding a pencil and properly using it.
  • Reasoning & Concepts: Can match like objects, can take things apart and back together again, and explores elements in nature.
  • Language Skills: Can easily communicate and speaks clearly. Can tell simple stories, and uses sentences with two phrases or concepts.
  • Reading & Writing: Can hold a book and writing utensils properly, can scribble and recognize the first letter of their name.
  • Math: Can identify shapes, can understand empty and full and can sort objects into groups.

Preschool Supplies

Along with the personal and social skills listed above, your preschooler also needs to have their supplies ready for the first day, too! Here are some staple supplies to pick up prior to dropping your kiddo off at preschool:

  • Backpack: A small durable backpack that your child likes will work great for their preschool adventure.
  • Prescription Forms: If your child takes regular prescriptions, be sure to have this ready for their first day, as well as a list of allergies or anything else the preschool teacher and school need to know about your child.
  • Change of Clothes: It is a great idea to take a complete change of clothes and place it in a ziplock bag just in case your child has an accident or gets muddy from playing outside.
  • Lunchbox: If your child gets to bring their lunch, let them pick out a whimsical lunchbox to tote around with them. Make sure to inquire about what is provided at the preschool. Some offer lunches or snacks to the children.
  • Comfort Item: Being at school by themselves can prove a little scary at times, but having a comfort item, like their favorite toy dinosaur or dolly, will help ease their worry and make them feel more comforted.

Show Up Early

On the first day of preschool, get there a little early and plan to stay about 15-20 minutes until your child has settled in well with their new class, classmates, and teacher. Sticking around a little while will help combat separation anxiety.

Be Prepared with Our Preschool Checklist

Sending your child to preschool is a big step, but you can be perfectly prepared by following the above preschool checklist. Start planning a few weeks before and spend time talking to your child about the new changes and get them excited about learning and meeting new friends.

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