Preschool Classes


The 3’s program focuses on the active participation of the children in their own learning process.

A balance of child-initiated and teacher-planned preschool activities are incorporated into the program every day.

In these preschool classes, teachers support the learning process as they guide the children, introducing content areas such as math, language, reading, social, arts, sciences and physical skills in a way that is relevant to the world around them.

Growing Three-Year-Olds

  • Capture three-year-olds’ natural curiosity through activities that create meaningful and engaging projects.
  • Offer challenging learning experiences integrated across all learning domains.
  • Provide new language and social navigation skills.

Our Curriculum

We follow a unique preschool curriculum that gives children a comprehensive learning experience. It focuses on cognitive, language, social/emotional, physical, and aesthetic development, using a combination of the High Reach Learning® Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears and Frog Street. 


An Enriched Learning Experience

We promote a hands on learning experience with activities that enhance our curriculum including music, movement, and Spanish programs. Use the button below to explore the various enrichment activities your children can enjoy at our school.


Bilingual Program

Starting at three years old, students begin integrating a Spanish/English Bilingual Program into their everyday curriculum. Research shows that children who learn a second language at an early age will develop stronger language skills in English and improve overall performance in academic areas.

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